As explained in the main goals part of Zinnia, any feature that can be provided by another reusable app has been left out. This principle must be applied from downstream to upstream.

This principle has already been applied to the downstream part, by strictly selecting the dependancies required by Zinnia, in order not to reinvent the wheel and to respect the DRY principles.

Now it’s time to talk about the upstream part. Zinnia is made to be Ready To Use by providing all the core functionalities required by a Weblog application. But sometimes even a full Weblog is not enough, so Zinnia has also been made fully extendable, so it encourages and facilitates the creation of extensions.

Since Zinnia has become stable, documented and reviewed, some extensions have been built to enhance the core functionalities of the Weblog. These extensions act like an ecosystem: they add multiple layers of functionnalities around the core - which is Django and Zinnia - and they allow interaction between each layer independently.

Of course, your Zinnia’s Weblog can run without theses extensions, but you might find some that suit your needs.


If you have written or are aware of an extension that can enhance the Zinnia’s ecosystem, please share your code or information by sending me a message. Your extension will then be listed here.


Cmsplugin-zinnia is a bridge between Django-CMS and Zinnia.

This package provides plugins, menus and apphook for integrating your Zinnia powered Weblog into your django-cms Website.

The code bundled in this application is a copy of the original zinnia.plugins module, made for forward compatibility with django-blog-zinnia > 0.11.



Admin-tools-zinnia is an extension based on django-admin-tools providing new dashboard modules for your admin interface, related to your Weblog.

Useful for having a sexier admin interface.



Zinnia-threaded-comments customizes the comment application bundled by Django to enable replies to comments within your Weblog.



Zinnia-theme-html5 is an extension theme for making your Zinnia’s Weblog HTML5 ready.



Zinnia-theme-bootstrap is an extension theme for your Weblog based on Bootstrap.



Migrate your users, tags, command and posts from Byteflow to Zinnia by Richard Espelin.