views Package

views Package

Views for Zinnia

authors Module

Views for Zinnia authors

zinnia.views.authors.author_detail(request, username, page=None, **kwargs)

Display the entries of an author

archives Module

Views for Zinnia archives

TODO: 1. Switch to class-based views
  1. Implement pagination
  2. Implement custom template name for the date
  3. Better archive_week view - Offset -1 from the week URL - Use European convention - End date in context - Review template
zinnia.views.archives.entry_today(request, **kwargs)

View for the entries of the day, the entry_day view is just used with the parameters of the current date.

categories Module

Views for Zinnia categories

zinnia.views.categories.category_detail(request, path, page=None, **kwargs)

Display the entries of a category


Retrieve a Category by a path

channels Module

Views for Zinnia channels

zinnia.views.channels.entry_channel(request, query, **kwargs)

View for displaying a custom selection of entries based on a search pattern, useful for SEO/SMO pages

decorators Module

Decorators for zinnia.views

zinnia.views.decorators.password(request, *args, **kwargs)

Displays the password form and handle validation by setting the valid password in a cookie.


Decorator performing a security check if needed around the generic.date_based.entry_detail view and specify the template used to render the entry

zinnia.views.decorators.template_name_for_entry_queryset_filtered(model_type, model_name)

Return a custom template name for views returning a queryset of Entry filtered by another model.

zinnia.views.decorators.update_queryset(view, queryset, queryset_parameter='queryset')

Decorator around views based on a queryset passed in parameter, who will force the update of the queryset before executing the view. Related to issue

entries Module

Views for Zinnia entries

quick_entry Module

Views for Zinnia quick entry

class zinnia.views.quick_entry.QuickEntryForm(data=None, files=None, auto_id='id_%s', prefix=None, initial=None, error_class=<class 'django.forms.util.ErrorList'>, label_suffix=':', empty_permitted=False)

Bases: django.forms.forms.Form

Form for posting an entry quickly

base_fields = {'title': <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x50b0b90>, 'content': <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x50b0e10>, 'tags': <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x50b0550>}
zinnia.views.quick_entry.view_quick_entry(request, *args, **kwargs)

View for quickly post an Entry

search Module

Views for Zinnia entries search

Search entries matching with a pattern

sitemap Module

Views for Zinnia sitemap

zinnia.views.sitemap.sitemap(request, **kwargs)

Wrapper around the direct to template generic view to force the update of the extra context

tags Module

Views for Zinnia tags

zinnia.views.tags.tag_detail(request, tag, page=None, **kwargs)

Display the entries of a tag

zinnia.views.tags.tag_list(request, template_name='zinnia/tag_list.html')

Return the list of published tags with counts, try to simulate an object_list view

trackback Module

Views for Zinnia trackback

zinnia.views.trackback.entry_trackback(*args, **kwargs)

Set a TrackBack for an Entry

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