templatetags Package

templatetags Package

Templatetags for Zinnia

zbreadcrumbs Module

Breadcrumb module for Zinnia templatetags

class zinnia.templatetags.zbreadcrumbs.Crumb(name, url=None)

Bases: object

Part of the Breadcrumbs


Crumb for a day


Crumb for a month

zinnia.templatetags.zbreadcrumbs.retrieve_breadcrumbs(path, model_instance, root_name='')

Build a semi-hardcoded breadcrumbs based of the model’s url handled by Zinnia


Crumb for a year

zcalendar Module

Calendar module for Zinnia templatetags

class zinnia.templatetags.zcalendar.ZinniaCalendar

Bases: calendar.HTMLCalendar

Override of HTMLCalendar

formatday(day, weekday)

Return a day as a table cell with a link if entries are published this day

formatfooter(previous_month, next_month)

Return a footer for a previous and next month.

formatmonth(theyear, themonth, withyear=True, previous_month=None, next_month=None)

Return a formatted month as a table with new attributes computed for formatting a day, and thead/tfooter

formatmonthname(theyear, themonth, withyear=True)

Return a month name translated as a table row.


Return a weekday name translated as a table header.


Return a header for a week as a table row.

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