Zinnia tries to fit a maximum to the Django’s standards to gain in readability and to be always present when the version 3.4.2 of Django will be here. :)

Predicting the future is a good thing, because it’s coming soon. Actually Zinnia is designed to handle the 1.3.x version and will reach the release 1.5 easily without major changes.

But the evolution of Django causes some backward incompatible changes, so for the developers who have to maintain a project with an old version of Django, it can be difficult to find which version of Zinnia to choose.

Compatibility with Django

Here a list establishing the compatibility between Zinnia and Django:

Changed in version 0.10.

Backward incompatibilities with Django v1.2.x due to :

  • Migration to the class-based generic views.
  • Intensive usage of django.contrib.staticfiles.
  • Usage of the new features provided in the testrunner.

Changed in version 0.6.

Backward incompatibilities with Django v1.1.x due to :

Changed in version 0.5.

Backward incompatibilities with Django v1.0.x due to :

Project Versions

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